What not to do at a photo session

By Brandon M Queen

Here are a few things you might want to be mindful of during a photo session. Photographers are known for capturing candid shots, and some are of you caught off guard. Some are excellent portraits and the others… well!

1. Make funny faces.
When the photographer asks you to pose a certain way or put a limb here and limb there; don’t make faces, he just might be shooting your reactions, and you may end up on social media.

2. Pose in weird positions.
Posing can be weird and uncomfortable, but the photographer is getting somewhere. It is important for you not to make up your own poses, you Will look weird, and everyone will laugh at you. Including me!

3. Trying to be seductive? Why?
Why do you need to be seductive in every other pose? We are not shooting for playboy but capturing your memories, unless that is a memory you want. I'm not sure why you would want that!

4. Loose baggy clothing.
Remember, these photos will be a reminder to your loved ones what you look like when they can’t be with you! Fitted clothes look much more polished and flattering than loose clothes, which can just make you appear boxy. Check the fit of jackets, sweaters or collared shirts, and be sure that the collar won’t obscure your face when you sit down and that the shoulders won’t bunch up.

5. Pick buggers out of your nose.
If the photographer catches you picking buggers, a photo will be taken, printed and added to their collection. You will be made fun of for years to come and used a reminder at what not to do!

These are made to be funny and make you laugh! THEREFORE, IF YOU ARE CAUGHT DOING ANY OF THESE, YOU WILL BE TEASED AND LAUGHED AT! Ask the guy in the photo!