Design Inspiration 6/15/18

By Brandon M Queen

Oldie but Goodie Brochure Design

I applied for a Social Media position for my job and had my oral board/interview. I thought it might be cool to bring a few of my pieces to the interview to show my talent to the board. I came across an old brochure I designed for First Presbyterian Church of Thibodaux. The update to the brochure was to replace the old literature we had on the church and replace the brochure with a more colorful and updated presence. When looking at the cover panel of the brochure, you will see a beautiful profile photo of the church, and when you open to the inside, you will be greeted by members of the church. The back side of the brochure shows a map and the contact info for the church.

A Brief History of the Church

First Presbyterian Church of Thibodaux was found in 1847 making it 171 years old and one of the oldest churches in the region. First Presbyterian has been an active part of the ebb and flow of the local history. We are currently in our third building as the other two were destroyed by natural disasters (fire and storm). First Presbyterian Church is known for the church with a big heart and a church that teaches the Bible. Visit us on Sundays at 9:30 am for Sunday School and at 11:00 am for Worship. If you live in Houma, Louisiana, visit us at First Presbyterian Church, Houma at 9:00 am. Look forward to seeing you! Visit First Presbyterian Church of Thibodaux's

I hope this short blog can help and give you inspiration for your next design project. Stay tuned for more Design Inspirations.

Front Cover Panel of Brochure
Inside View of Brochure, Panels 1, 2 & 3
Outside view of Brochure, Panels 4, 5, & 6
This window was salvaged from the second building.